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Rhonda Schaller Gallery: Restful Alertness - Abstract Art Today - See Lime Curve by Jessica Blank

Projekt30.com - January 2008 Exhibition - Click on Jessica Blank for Wood Scape
I'm originally from Brooklyn, New York, now transplanted to Utah and happily living in
the Salt Lake Valley.

The photographs you see on my site were all taken with a film camera and not digitally
enhanced in any way. I like to capture beauty of real life, often in humble places.

The only way I alter my images is by printing them and using them in different ways, on
wood blocks in my sculptures or in collaged pieces. Lately I've branched out in my
artistic endeavors, making altered cigar boxes, altered books and other forms of work
with paper and assemblage, some of which can be purchased on my etsy store: Jessie
Leigh Creations (link here:
etsy.com - jessieleighcreations)

I have a children's book (Seeds, Sprouts, Flowers) available via
one-at-a-time-publishing on blurb.com and I'm planning to put out a new edition on
Amazon - coming soon.

Please see below for links to etsy, blurb and two on-line exhibitions that I was chosen

If you have any questions about me or my work, please feel free to email me at:
email: info@jessica-blank.com